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horse eating from bucket

Feeding Horses Mineral Oil

Horse owners will occasionally add mineral oil to a horse’s diet in an effort to prevent or manage mild colic episodes. Because mineral oil is inert and therefore indigestible, it offers no nutritional value.

KER Research

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How Does Dietary Rice Bran Affect Glycemic Response in Horses?

The objective of this study was twofold: to measure the starch content of rice bran, whole oats, and corn, and to determine the glycemic response to a meal of rice bran in Thoroughbred horses.


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Alfalfa plant

Blister Beetles and Horses

Blister beetles are tiny but deadly pests that feed on alfalfa plants and other agricultural crops. These beetles in alfalfa hay can often cause big problems for even the healthiest of horses.

General Interest

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eating grain at feeder

Four Reasons Why Your Horse Might Slow Down at the Feeder

What if your horse suddenly changes its eating speed, slowing down so much that it takes him hours to complete a single meal? What could be going on?