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horse leg joints

Arthritis in Horses: Algae Research

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is the painful destruction of joint tissues, an important cause of lameness, and an important contributor to economic losses throughout the equine industry.

KER Research

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feeding fat

What Are the Effects of Feeding a High-Fat Diet to Horses?

A study was designed to evaluate whether adding fat to a grain meal would affect glucose and insulin responses when the level of grain intake remained the same.


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horse galloping

Treating Throat Problems in Horses

A roaring noise as the horse inhales during strenuous exercise is often caused when the arytenoid cartilage isn’t pulled far enough out of the way to open the trachea, blocking free passage of air.

General Interest

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fossil dig

Paleontologists Uncover Fossils from Equine Ancestors

Fossils found at the edge of a coal mine excavation in India could offer clues to the early evolution of horses.The fossils, dated to about 54.5 million years old, are from Cambaytherium thewissi.