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supplement with scoop

Horse Supplements: Just the Basics

No two horses are exactly the same, and their nutritional needs will vary according to their metabolism, age, and work level. Horses with special needs may do better with just a little bit of dietary help in some areas.

KER Research

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measuring hindgut acidity

Will a Hindgut Buffer Nutritionally Support Horses that Eat a High-Grain Diet?

This study was designed to test the efficacy and safety of feeding a protected sodium bicarbonate product to treat hindgut acidosis in horses fed a high-grain ration.


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bare horse hoof

Trimming and Shoeing Intervals for Horses

The recommendation to have a horse’s hooves trimmed and shoes reset about every six weeks is not just to keep farriers busy; it’s mainly to keep horses sound and comfortable, in both the short and long terms.

General Interest

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horse hooves

Large Body, Small Feet, and Hours in the Stall: Problems for Horses

When we consider that horses are walking around on the anatomic equivalent of fingertips, it’s no surprise that they sometimes have pain in the tissues and joints that make up the equine hoof.